Regular Club Meetings

    Every meeting is different but always stimulating, informative and fun.  Read about our previous meetings in the Bold News.  The activities of the Club may include;

    • Informative, inspirational and thought provoking talks by Bold experts.
    • Problem solving, team building and socialising activities.
    • Discussions and debates.
    • Improvised and prepared talks by members.
    • Talent shows, role-play and creative improvisations.
    • Socialising and networking with enthusiastic people who are committed to change.
    • And more. 

    Bold meetings are held at the prestigious Grosvenor Hotel (Victoria) in the heart of London.

    Bold Club meets twice each month on evenings of the second and the fourth Tuesday of each month when possible.  Bold biweekly meetings are totally free for the club members throughout their membership while non-members pay £40 admission each time.  Members of Bold affiliate organisations (i.e. Fabulous Women and Islington Chamber of Commerce) get a discount of 50% and only pay £20.  New participants attend free for the first time they go to a Bold biweekly meeting. 

    Prior booking of biweekly meetings, are absolutely essential for non-member participants.  It’s important that we know the number of attendees prior to each meeting to ensure adequate arrangements are in place. 

    Each session is made of two halves with a short break in between (18:30 - 21:00).  Participants are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes early for a sharp start at 18:30.  Biweekly Meetings end at 21:00 when members can stay around and enjoy socialising with their friends at the superb facilities available at the venue

    Please see our Terms & Conditions.