Performance Coaching

1-2-1 performance coaching is offered by Reza (the club leader) and other expert coaches in the team who are all experienced, trained and dedicated professionals. They are unbiased and non-judgemental. They will support you throughout your journey while motivating and inspiring you to achieve your goals.

Benefits of performance coaching

  • Unlock your potential and generate exceptional personal and professional performance.
  • Strengthen your leadership qualities and gain greater confidence in your abilities.
  • Develop your communication and relationship skills so that you have the collaboration, support and commitment of everyone around you.
  • Become a greater asset to your organisation and achieve your next promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of people ask for performance coaching?

People who want a positive change in their lives find performance coaching very effective. Our clients are mainly aged between 25 to 60 years old and are often ambitious professionals who are resourceful and intelligent individuals aiming to achieve their potential.

Will you keep the coaching process fully confidential?

Successful coaching requires mutual openness and trust. It is also unethical and illegal to divulge clients’ affairs. So everything will remain completely confidential.

How do you coach?

We usually coach in person at the Club’s venue in central London, but we can also arrange to see our clients at an alternative meeting place where it is more convenient for both. Our clients can call or e-mail between the sessions to ask questions or clarify any points while working on their action plan.

How do I get the most from my coaching?

You must be willing to stretch yourself, to make time for your improvement and to try new ideas. You should attend each coaching session prepared and must think deeply about what you want to achieve. Crucially, you must be willing to learn and be committed to taking the necessary actions.

Is coaching the same as therapy or counselling?

Coaching, counselling and therapy share many core skills. However, the key difference between coaching and therapy or counselling is that coaching does not involve medical care or treatment and does not seek to resolve old underlying issues. In other words, it does not look into the past. Coaching programmes are generally more concerned with the practical issues of changing perceptions or attitudes, setting goals and achieving results within specific time frames.

How much does performance coaching cost?

The rate for face-to-face and telephone coaching depends on the coach that you select to work with you. Please contact the Club for further details.

How many sessions do I need?

Every client is different with their own individual needs, so the number of coaching sessions needed is different in each case.  You may decide to take more sessions if the coaching process makes a notable positive difference for you.

How do I book my first coaching session?

To book a coaching session you first need to talk to the club leader, who will answer any questions you may have and arrange the coaching process. Contact us for more information.



As our coaching process is fully confidential, clients' names are not shown here. 

What I liked most was discovering my ability to look at things differently. I learned that I should be more personaly focused rather than focusing on others. The coaching session also helped me to look at my positive characteristics and develop more positive attitude.
— Client A

I liked the coaching session very much. It made me aware of many things about myself that I did not realised before. The coach was helpful to me in making me know and discover myself.
— Client B

I learned that I am a leader and so should conduct myself as such. I feel more confident to challenge myself and to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I am less judgemental, less harsh on myself but more tolerant and more in control. I definitely recommend Reza to others.
— Client C