People who lack self-confidence find it difficult to be as successful as they want.  They may have the required skills and knowledge but they cannot operate at their best.  Interestingly, lack of confidence is mostly manifested when people are interacting with others, particularly with a group.  It affects a manager when they want to get the support of their colleagues for a new project.  It affects a sales executive when they need to present a product or a service to the board of directors of another company.  It affects a coach when they meet a high profile client or when they need to address their association in an annual convention.

The effect is that people are reluctant to back a project or buy a service from someone who is nervous and apologetic.  On the other hand people support, follow and buy from people who speak clearly, hold their head high and show confidence, integrity and openness.  Confident people instil confidence in others.

Confidence, like effectiveness, is not something we are born with.  Confidence is a quality that can be learned and developed.  This is a good news for people who feel they need to build on self-confidence to be more successful.

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