Denise Prentice 

“We strive toward self-actualisation, forgetting to relish the journey”

Denise is a freelance writer and founder of Creatrix, a copywriting consultancy dedicated to collaborating with businesses and organisations, to connect authentically with their audiences.

Creatrix was born of Denise’s desire to make a living from her love of writing and by extension, to demonstrate the possibility for others to follow their creative paths in a similar vein. 


Starting with her personal blog, which continues to be her ‘writing laboratory’- Denise has cultivated her belief in the importance of living life creatively through playful exploration, as a vital aspect on the path to self awareness and personal growth.  As a result, Creatrix is developing a growing network of entrepreneurial creatives, who attend regular mastermind salons to grow their businesses and form creative collaborations.

With a varied career background in business management, law and investment, Denise integrates her past experiences to add colour and depth to her work.

To get in touch with Denise, please send her a message through Bold, or email her at