As a quality, effectiveness is attributed to someone or something that has the expected impact or achieves the desired outcome.

As a person, being effective is about our ability to manage all demands that we are faced with in our day-to-day lives, both at work and elsewhere.

Effective professionals have more clients, win more exciting projects and enjoy their jobs far more.  They also get more respect, more recognition and earn more.

However, effectiveness is not something that we are born with.  It’s a phenomenon that emerges from a combination of our attitude, skills and knowledge.  It’s directly related to our openness, flexibility and optimism.  It’s about our communication skills, our confidence and the way we interact with others.  It is about how we think, how much discipline we have and how open-minded we are.  It’s a result of our self-awareness, emotional management and social competence.

As a business or an organisation, being effective is about knowing our market, offering an exceptional service and having a healthy cash flow and a handsome profit.

It’s about proper planning, research and preparation.  It stems from the qualities and attitudes of the management team as well as the standards of the whole business operation.  Effective businesses have loyal customers, a happy work-force and healthy bank balance.

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