Lynne Cantor 

‘Sound good, look good, feel good’

Lynne specialises in helping people to project the very best of themselves, whether they are preparing for a presentation, an interview or going to a meeting.

If people sound good and look good, they project an air of confidence which enhances their credibility and capability.  A few changes now can make a difference for a lifetime. 

Lynne’s twenty years’ international corporate background has given her a huge amount of experience and knowledge which she willingly shares, adding an extra dimension to her workshops, presentations and one on one sessions


The winner of two London Speech contests and the UK and Ireland Champion in 2012, Lynne is an energetic presenter, passionate about what she does and happy to share her experiences, practical tips and techniques with others, whether in speaking or looking good. 

Lynne, who is a Speaker Stylist, was the founder of Stand Up and Speak.  As well as having a focus on what we say and how we say it, Lynne also deals in individual and team branding, how our image is perceived by others and how it could impact us, our business and our career.  Her specialities include:

  • Confidence Building and Nerve Control
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Techniques
  • Speech Preparation
  • Colour Analysis and Personal Style
  • Personal/Team Branding 

To get in touch with Lynne, please send her a message through Bold, or write to her directly at;