Martina Grubmueller

Martina is the founder of Syncholistic Ltd.  She believes in a fully integrated  and hands-on approach to dealing with stuck states and releasing past programming to unleash people's full potential.

With keen interest in personal growth and a multitude of techniques used in Syncholistic, it is her intention to help people become aware of  how powerful an innovator they are.

In her capacity as a Mindbody Therapist and a Performance Mentor she can holistically assist her clients in mastering all areas of their lives which may include their career, finances, health, leadership, relationships or sporting achievements.

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For the best part of a decade she has followed her passion by helping people raise awareness of their inner strengths and achieve excellence and good health. Before that, she worked in corporate environment where she has gained first-hand experience of the personal challenges involved in change.

Because she, too, wants to be fulfilled and reach the highest standards in her field she has trained with a consistent curiosity and dedication achieving the following qualifications.

Success and abundance can easily be achieved through harmonic balance in all areas of our existence.

What would you truly like to change and what if that change is actually easier and more fun than you have ever imagined?

To learn more and get in touch with Martina, please send her a message through Bold, or write to her directly at