Never Hold Yourself Back  

14 April 2013 by Reza Zolfagharifard

What is it that you really love doing?  I mean really, really love doing?  So much so, that you’re happy to do it even if no one pays you a penny for it.  Do you know what it is?  And are you doing it as your full-time job? 

If you know it, are you one of the best in the country in that line?  And if not yet one of the best, are you working hard, I mean really hard, almost all the time to master it?


After all, if you really love doing something, why wouldn't you do it as your job? I suppose if we find something that we really love doing, we shall enjoy every moment that we spend on it.  So,practising it, mastering it and doing it should be a joy and not feel like a chore.

Fundamentally, if you've not yet discovered what it is that you really love doing, it’s simply because you’re not true to yourself, you don’t know yourself good enough and you don’t know your purpose in life. If you’re not one of the best in what you really love doing and you’re not doing it as your main source of income, not only you’re not true to yourself, but you’re not doing yourself or the world a good service. Because you’re not performing at your best, you’re not working wholeheartedly and you're not realising or utilising your full potential. 

But why some people don’t know what it is that they really love doing? In fact, why most people don’t do what they claim to love doing as their main line of work?  What’s wrong? What makes them not to be true to themselves? What makes them lose their focus?  Is it lack of self-esteem and self-confidence? Is it shyness? Is it victim mentality? Bullying? Abuse? Apathy? Sickness? Or what?  I'm really baffled by their passivity! 

Find the interference, find the barrier or the hurdle that holds you back and get over it.  Work very hard at increasing your self-awareness.  Come face to face with your weaknesses and your strengths.  Accept them, understand them and use them to your advantage.  Use mindfulness, meditation, coaching, counselling, therapy or whatever is needed to break free.

Do not settle for mediocrity, aimlessness and indifference.  Do not deceive yourself.  Do not allow your weaknesses dictate your life.  If negative feelings of guilt, sadness, fear or shyness are hampering your choices, seek help, but never hold yourself back. Do not suppress your true passion just to make others happy.  Do not live with the expectations of your family, friends or the society.  Do not allow someone else to choose for you or to define who you are.

Think of what you really love doing.  Take some time to make sure that whatever you choose is genuinely what you love doing.  When you truly find that, master it.  Master it so well that you become one of the best in that line.  When you reach that level of competency where you’re one of the best in what you love doing, earning enough money or truly feeling fulfilled will not be a problem any more, will not be difficult, at all.

Look around you.  Find a role model.  Some who really loves doing what they do.  You recognise them by their positive and proactive attitude, by their vigorous energy and by their glowing sense of fulfilment that is visibly radiant.  You recognised them by their willingness to learn, by their eagerness to act and by their generosity to share.  

Do you have a name or a face in your mind now?  I hope that one day when I ask this question again from a different audience the name they will remember is your name and the face they will see in their mind’s eye is your face.  

Never hold yourself back.  Be true to yourself.  Be the best, the best of who you are.

Reza Zolfagharifard

Bold Training Club -  20 March 2013


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