Bold News

Tuesday 16 July 2013

This was our third preliminary meeting and a very successful one.  We had an enthusiastic group of professionals from different walks of life who brought excitement, joy and a wealth of knowledge and experience to the meeting.  Our group activities were highly popular and received excellent verbal and written feedback.

Meeting-3 Pic-1.JPG
Meeting-3 Pic-3.JPG
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However, the highlights of the evening were inspirational speeches by two of our associates.  Michelle Pritchard spoke on "Self-worth" that included a touching personal story.  Andrew Chuks spoke on "Freedom to be Bold" that also included an interesting personal story.  Both speeches were educational, motivational and thought provoking and led to stimulating discussions. 

We look forward to our next meeting on Tuesday 30th July where hopefully we have more people joining us an evening of entertainment, inspiration and growth.