Bold News

Tuesday 30th July 2013

We had our fourth meeting on Tuesday 30th July.  Despite a few last minute cancellation, there was a good turn out and a friendly gathering that was enjoyed by all participants as reflected by their valued and constructive feedback.

Reza Phone 31 july 13 064.JPG
Reza Phone 31 july 13 063.JPG

Andrew Chuks gave a talk about "How to Build Better and Stronger Relationships" followed by a short discussion.  We hope to hear the rest of his tips on this topic in the future.  We also had a presentation by Gordon Harris about "Extroversion and Introversion", a hot topic that sparked an interesting discussion.  This, like "relationship" is  an important topic for Bold which we hope to explore in many of our future meetings and workshops.

We only had tea, coffee and cakes but no sandwiches this time.  We did not get any strong feedback about this.  So, we'll wait for more feedback before making any concrete derision.