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Tuesday 05th November 2013 (Bonfire Night Special) 

Bold Club meeting on 05th November coincided with Bonfire Night.  Although we do not really care much about the origin of this historical event, we decided to liven up our meeting for the occasion.  We had a few relevant decorations around the room, lots of chocolates and a sandwich buffet.  Other than that we followed our usual format.

Renata was the first member to accept an active role and was the host for the evening.  Her enthusiastic interest in Bold turned her to a wonderful facilitator as she guided us through the night.

Martina Grubmueller was the first speaker who told us about the power of metaphors and “Right Brain Thinking”. A topic that the audience wanted to learn more and explore further.


Bonfire NIght At Bold 


Finger Puppets raised money 

Then Annique Clopon (an avid fan of Bold) spoke about self-confidence.  The title of her speech was “Seeing is Believing”.  She is a convincing and pleasant orator.  The audience loved her approach and enjoyed her talk.

In the second half Jo Langdale gave a Bonfire Night tinge to her speech by choosing the title of “Remember, Remember and Celebrate your Success”.  Her uplifting talk explored the fact that we tend not to remember and celebrate our successes as much as we should.

The final speaker was Marth Jesty who introduced her charity work through her inspiring talk on the topic of “It’s better to give than to receive”.  Interestingly, her little campaign that night raised some money too. Then Reza closed the meeting by a couple reminders about Meeting Themes and future meetings.