Bold News

Tuesday 19th November 2013 

Fifteen of our members and associates took part in this meeting which was specially convened in Scotsman Boardroom rather than in our usual room, Viceroy.  The U-shape arrangement attracted several positive comments and it seemed most preferred it to the Class-room or Cabaret arrangements. 

Chau Nguyen (a premium member) hosted the night and was a fantastic facilitator.  The theme of the evening was “Self and/or Social Awareness”.  Chau started the meeting by asking us to introduce ourselves without reference to external particularities (e.g. job, family or place of birth).  Instead, we had to concentrate our introduction on our strengths, weaknesses, likes or dislikes.  This made our introduction quite different but somewhat more intimate and emotional.  This indeed was a good start to the topic of self-awareness.

Orianne 19Nov13.jpg

Orianne Corman 

We had four speakers.  During the first half, Lynne Cantor spoke about “being aware of our (personal) brand.  Her though provoking and accomplished presentation led to a lively question and answer session.  Then Reza started a discussion about "Johari Widow” and handed a short article about it so our participants could explore the topic further after the meeting.

In the second half, Renata (a premium member) spoke about “Talents” versus hard practice which led to an interesting mini debate.  Then Orianne Corman told us about “Self-awareness Mastery”.  She introduced a very interesting and practical process but we did not have time to examine participants’ case studies in that respect.  Andrew Chuks was our last speaker who told us about the “Fundamentals of Social Mastery”.  He started a profound discussion that had to be cut short as we approached the end of the meeting. 

Reza closed the meeting by briefly introducing the recent developments and plans for the next year and left the audience with the date of future Bold meetings on the screen.  Many stayed for an hour or more after the meeting enjoying their conversations and networking.