Bold News

Monday 23rd September 2013

This was the first meeting we had on Monday as the room we wanted was not available on Tuesday. This was also the first meeting that Reza was not directly facilitating.  Gordon stepped in to take the role of the facilitator for the meeting as part of preparation for extending our activities to include more meetings and events.

Jo Langdale gave us some very interesting tips about the Twitter which led to a lively discussion about the Twitter and social media.  Unfortunately Paul did not make it to the event but Gordon Led a short discussion about effective communication that filled the time.  

We also had two group activities related to how we can make our communication more effective.  These were fun and thought provoking. 

We all look forward to our next meetings,to our joint meeting with Fabulous Women on Tuesday 24th of Sept, to Sofie's book launch on Thursday 03rd Oct and to our big social gathering "Highflyers Social Event on 08th October.