Orianne Corman 

In every human being lies a huge potential waiting to express itself.

A mother of 4  children, a grandmother and an entrepreneur at heart, Orianne was not always self-confident, and as a woman did not always feet supported in her family.  Her own experience has made her close to the plight of women who want to build their lives and their businesses.

She is a Family Healer and counsellor at Womb Wisdom.  She works with individuals and groups to create a 3D image and sound of their family systems. This way they can get a new perspective which helps them step back and let go of the blockages of trauma that crystallised for years or even generations.  Following various emotional processes, life's energy can flow again and the person can take back the reins of her life. The person feels physically and emotionally liberated and puts balance back in her life. Happiness can finally find its place.

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Orianne has over 15 years of experience as a Therapist, Public Speaker and Trainer.  She has helped thousands of clients in Europe.  Her main interest is to understand why happiness is not there for everyone from birth.  She started very young, being interested in wellness and psychology.  Eventually, she decided that she wanted to help people who feel trapped within their personal history.

  • She is trained in Californian massage, Shiatsu, Korean relaxation, Do-In, and Reflexology.
  • She is a One Brain Kinesiology Facilitator, an advanced trainer, and a qualified NLP Practitioner.
  • She is also a Family and Organisational Constellations  Facilitator and Trainer.

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To get in touch with Orianne, please send her a message through Bold, or write to her directly at: feminineandwild@gmail.com