24 March 2013 by Reza Zolfagharifard

Being self-aware is knowing who we are and understanding why we think, feel and behave the way we do. It's knowing how we see ourselves, what our strengths and weaknesses are, what motivates us, what makes us happy and what we want to change.

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Self-awareness is the prerequisite for emotional management and resilience. It gives us flexibility, open-mindedness and personal strength. It help us develop a more balanced outlook on life and leads to motivation, trust and openness. 

Self-awareness is absolutely essential if we want to change or improve our lives. But prerequisites to self-awareness are self-regard, honesty and courage, and the ability to accept ourselves, no matter how imperfect we are. We should also be willing to change, grow and develop.

We can become more self-aware by reflecting on our behaviour and reactions and welcoming feedback from others. We need to consider what worked well and why? What didn't go so well and why not? What will we do differently next time? We also need to try and identify recurring patterns of our behaviour by keeping diaries, asking probing questions and using mind mapping techniques. 

Self-awareness, self-knowledge and accurate self-assessment lead to better self-management, resilience and confidence. So, what's stopping you from becoming more self-aware?

Reza Zolfagharifard

Bold Training Club -  20 March 2013


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