Sofie Sandell

Sofie is a Swedish Londoner and the author of the book "Digital Leadership - dare to be creative, it’s easier than you think". 

She is an entrepreneur with interests spanning from technology and leadership to art and sailing.  Her aim is to teach and inspire people to use creativity and digital tools to become more successful.

Sofie teaches digital marketing and digital tools at INSEEC university, London where she is involved with MBA Programme in Strategies for Digital Communication and Branding.

She is also a regular contributor to the technology radio show #TechTalkfest.  

For many years she has also been involved in Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global network for young professionals whose mission is to empower young people to create positive change. 


For over 15 years Sofie has been exploring what it is that makes an organisation or a team to work well together and perform above expectation.  She has worked in big organisations such as ITV and BSI Business Information, as well as for several small businesses.

Creativity is a big passion for Sofie as she loves exploring new things. In her research for what creativity is she discovered creative painting and in January 2013 she showed her art for the first time at Showcase City in London. She is now featured at Saatchi Online 

To get in touch with Sofie, please send her a message through Bold,  or write to her directly at