The Awareness Week

18 November 2013 by Lynne Cantor

This week is 'awareness' week  at Bold.  In doing some research I happened to came across a self awareness mirror test.  This was developed by Gordon Gallup Jr in 1970.  In simple terms the test gauges self awareness by determining whether an animal can recognise its own reflection in a mirror as an image of itself.  Some animals passed, others didn't.  We understand that self awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognise oneself  as an individual.  But the mirror test did made me think a little wider. Do we recognise ourselves when we look in the mirror? Yes, of course we know it is our own reflection looking back, but do we recognise who we see


Do we look like the  smart professional we aim to be? Or does something else stare back?  Someone too tired maybe, or too stressed.  Being aware of how we look vs how we want to be perceived is a step towards achieving the look we want.  So do your own mirror test today.  Do you recognise yourself? If not  take steps to change.

Lynne Cantor

Bold Club -  18 November 2013  


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