The Mirror of Relationships 

16 September 2013 by Martina Grubmueller

We are the sum of our relationships. Without relating to others we have no way of knowing who we really are.  Without a child we don't experience parenthood, without a husband I am no wife.

What if we could use our existing relationships to help us find out more about ourselves and use that awareness for personal growth and expansion?

Just imagine, seven billion people in this world, seven billion unique fingerprints, seven billion opportunities to become more aware of how we are functioning! We most probably won't manage to meet all the other 6,999,999,999 but we can choose to become more curious and to start taking more interest in our immediate circle of colleagues, friends and family.


To get started why not look in your daily work environment? Be it an employment or working in your own business, we have endless opportunities to interact, cooperate and learn through and from each other.

Let’s take an interest in learning "THROUGH" others, looking from a point of view that we can only see ourselves in others, which in fact, opens up infinite possibilities for growth.

How can our daily interaction with others,  inspiring or stressful, become a mutual contribution?

What about that boss of yours that drives you to distraction, micro managing his/her staff, correcting every paper you've put forward, making you feel lesser than you are?

If that sounds familiar, I would like you to ask yourself a question now: 'Where in my life, any area of  life, even unrelated to work, do I micro manage, do I correct others, do I strive for personal perfection?'

You see the thing is, whatever you can see and dislike in others, don't be surprised. You could be doing it yourself, possibly in a different context, and most probably it is not serving you greatly.

The exciting thing about this, is that you just noticed something important about yourself. Next step is to be grateful to your boss for serving you as a great mirror and made you release this unwanted pattern within yourself. Interestingly enough, what may happen as a result of this, is that your boss will either change his/her ways, or you might move on and find a job that brings you more ease and joy.

The same principle applies to all the positive observations of others too. Take a colleague you admire for his or her abilities or whom you just feel at ease working with. Ask the same question and rest assured that whatever you can see in them, you got it too and probably it is time to embrace it and let it be seen by others, because remember they too will be grateful to learn through you.

Why not start exploring this principle today, at work, at home and with friends, then share your findings with us? Personal growth and transformation has never been easier.  How much better can life get?

Martina Grubmueller 

Bold Training Club -  16 September 2013  


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