Terms and Conditions

1) All meetings, workshops and events booked with the Bold Training Club shall be subject without exclusion, to the following Terms and Conditions.

2) In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

  • The Club” is the Bold Club, a trading style of Z&Z Consulting Ltd with the registered and correspondence address of; Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1AT.
  • The Member” is the person, who has paid the membership fee and been accepted by the Club as a member.
  • The Participant” is the non-member attendee to the meetings, workshops or other events arranged by the Club.
  • The Term” is the term and conditions including codes of conduct laid by the Club.
  • The Event” is any meeting, workshop and other activity or functions arranged by the Club and Members or Participants have made a booking.
  • The Venue” is The Grosvenor Hotel (part of Guoman Thistle group) or any other premises that the Club has hired to convene its Events.

3) These terms supersede any prior verbal agreements.  Any deviation from these terms must be agreed in writing.

4) Membership of the Club  is available only to those who are 18 years old or more at the time of membership.  

5) Membership privileges and discounts are granted on the assumption that the membership lasts a whole year. Therefore, when a membership is cancelled prior to its planned end date, admissions to the biweekly meetings that have been either attended or lies with the notice period will be charged at the standard rate (as a non-member).

6) Memberships are not transferable but can be cancelled by members.

  • During the first 14 days: a membership may be cancelled at any time during the first 14 days of the registration, in which case the annual membership paid shall be refunded in full if the person has not attended any of the Club meetings. If the person has attend any of the Club meetings during that time, the admission fee for those meetings will be deducted at the standard rate before the membership fee is refunded.  No administration fee will be charged in the case of cancellation during the first 14 days of the membership.
  • After the first 14 days: a membership may also be cancelled at any time after the first 14 days from the registration with at least a month notice.  In this case, membership fee will be refunded pro-rata minus the admission fee (at the standard rate) for the meetings that have been either attended or lies with the notice period plus £25 administration fee.
  • The notice period starts from the beginning of the month when the notice was given, if the notice reaches the Club during the first 14 days of that month.  Otherwise if the notice reaches the Club on the 15th day of the month or afterwards, the notice period starts from the beginning of the month after which the written notice is given.

7) Memberships can also be cancelled by the Club. 

  • Any breaches of the Club rules and its Code of Conduct as well as such rules or codes of conduct that is issued by the proprietor of the Venue where the Events take place may result in membership cancellation and or prevention of the Member or the Participants accessing the Events.
  • If for operational and/or business reasons Z&Z Consulting Ltd decides to end the activities of the Club, memberships will be cancelled with as much notice as  deemed suitable and possible. 
  • In both cases explained above, members will be refunded pro-rata minus the admission fee (at the members' discounted rate) for the meetings that have been either attended or lies with the notice period.  There will be no administration fee in such cases. 

8) Membership of the Club is subject to final approval by the Club leader and;

  • the submission of a completed membership application form (on line or hard copy), 
  • and the payment of the membership fee.

9) Members must apply for membership in their own right as individual members or must be nominated and paid for by their organisation under the corporate membership agreement.

10) Corporates may nominate a different person at any stage provided this is done in writing and at least two weeks notice.

11) Membership fees must be paid by money transfer to Z&Z Consulting Ltd, bank account, Sort Code: 40-15-05, Account Number: 62 22 61 70. Please mention "Bold Membership" as your reference. 

12) Attendance booked by non-members can be transferred or cancelled as follow;

  • Non-members booking can be transferred to another person with at least two working days written notice.
  • Booking cancellation of biweekly meetings for non-members is only accepted when the booking is cancelled less than five working days before the biweekly meeting (excluding weekends or holidays).
  • When cancellation of biweekly meetings are accepted, the attendance fee paid by the participant will be refunded minus £5 admin fee.  
  • Cancellation of workshops, master-classes and other events follow their own particular arrangements that will be announced when those events are advertised and promoted.   

13) The Club is not responsible for the performance of third parties including the proprietor of the Venue or other Members and Participants of the Club.

14) By accepting these Terms the Members and Participants  agree that they will:

  • Conduct business with other Members, Participants and people who run the Venue in an honest and ethical manner.
  • Act respectfully and professionally at all times to preserve the intellectual properties of the Club and that of their fellow Members, Participants or the venue.
  • Not harvest the personal data of the Members or the Participants for the purposes of resale or bulk direct marketing without their explicit prior consent.
  • Not actively promote ideas, services or products that in conflict with standards and values of the Club or in competition with services and products offered by the club.

15) The Club does not guarantee, represent or warrant that a particular Member or Participant will achieve any particular level of competencies or success as a result of their Membership or participation.

16) Biweekly meetings do not include food or drinks whatsoever and the membership fees or attendance fees paid by the members or the participants does not entitle them to any sustenance of any kind.  Members and participants are responsible to arrange or buy their own food and drinks. Nevertheless, Bold may from time to time and to the full discretion of its leader provide food or drinks on special occasions. 

17) The Club is not responsible for any out-of-pocket or direct expenses incurred by the Member as a result of their attendance at the Events.

18) The Club does not provide any warranty as to the performance of its Venue.

19) Members and Participants agree that they shall not;

  • commence operating as a competing business,
  • directly or indirectly canvas members of the Club with a view to enticing them to leave the Club in order to join a competing business.

20) The Club reserves the right to amend these terms without prior warning and at its sole discretion.