Zoe Cunningham 

Zoe Cunningham has 13 years’ experience working in the technology sector and is currently Managing Director of Softwire Technology.

Zoe is passionate about technology and startups.  In 2012, she founded Tech Talkfest networking events so that she could discover all the great startups in Tech City and link them with other startups, journalists and consumers.

Having experienced how much more she could achieve when she pushed herself with her own career, Zoe is a keen speaker on how to realise your untapped potential.

She is also a fabulous networker and can help you unlock opportunities through networking with new contacts, or simply by better utilising those you already have.

Outside of her day to day work, Zoe volunteers at Ghanaian charity Ashanti Development, fundraising to bring clean water, micro-finance, health and hygiene to the Ashanti region of Ghana.

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Zoe is a regular contributor to several technology blogs and has had articles published online at the Guardian  and Computer Weekly. Zoe also presents backgammon, technology and new music TV and radio shows.

To get in touch with Zoe, please send her a message  through Bold, or write to her directly at zoe@techtalkfest.com or zoe.cunningham@softwire.com